"I'm tired of all this nonsense about beauty only skin-deep. What do you want? An adorable pancreas?"- Jean Kerr, American author & playwright

Just your average girl obsessed with beauty & fashion. I love to write about my experiences so you can benefit from them. Special requests are welcome!

All images, videos & content are my own work unless otherwise stated.
Please ask for permission before using images, videos or written work. Thank You!

Key for Posts: (I shop A LOT so 95% of my posts are products that I have bought with my own money)
~ Promotional- given to me for my indulgent pleasure. I will do an honest review, getting it for free, will not change my opinion of the product.
~ Sample- a free sample or gift with purchase from one of my many shopping sprees.
~ Gift- a present from either a friend, family member, boyfriend, reader.
~ Giveaway- won from a giveaway or contest on LUUUX, YouTube, Twitter, Blog....

I love to self diagnose myself!
~ I suffer from shift work disorder- I work nights, am a night owl & despise waking up before 11 am- I'll come up with any excuse to not wake up early!
~ I get seasonal depression. Hate not seeing daylight, and use this as my excuse to be moody & lazy
~ Procrastination- This is a disorder...right?
~ I have poor circulation AKA hate winter & cold
~ I'm an alcoholic. No need for AA when you're enjoying a glass of wine at 8am (Do you drink when you get home from work? OK thank you!), think Magners is considered a basic food group, like to talk everyones ears off & drive your boyfriend crazy
~ I have social anxiety disorder. meaning... I'm a social butterfly who rather sit on the couch instead of going out. Make sense? Nope I didn't think so either.
~ I have an addictive/habitual personality

Random Facts About Me:
~ Makeup, skin care & purse hoarder right here! :)
~ Pink & Animal prints are a necessity
~ Blonde moments still happen even if you die your hair dark
~ I was born with no filter with a sailors mouth- cussing cannot be avoided & speaking whats on my mind is inevitable. This must be accepted by all who love me
~ Everyone holds grudges right? RIGHT?
~ Snooze buttons are meant to be hit multiple times otherwise they wouldn't exist!
~ I'm a thrill seeker, but a pansy at the same time- Rode my first roller coaster when I was 15
~ Got my navel pierced at 16, and first tattoo at 18
~ I'm obsessed with stars, drawing them, seeing them, making wishes on shooting stars...
~ Have a guilty pleasure for cartoons- saw Finding Nemo in the theaters at least 5x
~ Hate Broadway plays
~ Love going to the City to go out, but prefer living with nature. I name all the animals near the house. The raccoon who breaks into trash cans is named Fatty (he's old and fat), the ground hog across the street is named Larry, the mole by the house is named Mishka (mouse in Ukrainian)...
~ Being a Gemini & an only child is a bad combo. I'm always right & can turn from sweet & Innocent to nasty in a heartbeat. I love to debate anything and everything, but remember I'm always right. I should have been a Lawyer, but I'm not disciplined enough.
~ I have a hard time being friends with girls- read no filter & sailor mouth
~ I break plans a lot, I don't mean to, but the couch & a glass of wine always makes me want to stay at home instead of getting pretty & going out
~ I claim I hate drama, but I seem to always need it in my life, arguing makes life more interesting
~ Don't see a point in going to the movies
~ Music is my life. I love oldies, and classic rock.
~ My dream invention would have to be teleport. Man if someone could make this happen I will sell my soul to them.
~ Love to drive, but lately have been so scared of getting into an accident. There are some bad drivers out there, and driving in congestion always freaks me out
~ Addicted to Sudoku games
~ Love to read- lately I've been on a Cheesy Vampire kick, Always enjoy a good Jackie Collins or other trashy beach read, but have no patients for the classics
~ The book is ALWAYS better than the movie
~ Why does my Boyfriend love me?
~ My eyes change color to my mood & amount of sleep I get
~ The only places in Europe I've been to are Budapest & multiple cities in Ukraine
~ Can't stand swallowing pills, didn't learn until I was 16. I try to find all meds in a chew able or liquid form
~ Had gels for a long time b/c I can't stand doing my nails
~ I would leave my boyfriend for Carrie Underwood- OBSESSED!!!!!!- but I can't stand Taylor Swift.
~ I don't believe in Umbrellas

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